Depression is nothing but an art of hating ourself and this art actually flourished from the point we start comparing ourself to our neighbourhood in terms of colour, body built, success, and more importantly in terms of quality of living and from this very point we constantly kept reducing our self esteem and a continual thought of our inability to achieve something that what other peoples in our surrounding achieved led us to a dark chamber of brain which just like the sun kept absorbing infinite amount of negative thoughts and kept rejecting the same amount of more negativity in return which further results in degradation of our own confidence, our own trust. And day by day, the coefficient of happiness falls far below from that of a normal human and our soul start decaying from this very day.

If we realise all these things from begining, we can easily sail through the vast ocean of depression to a small island of hope. Which can certainly protect us from the high risen oceanic tid…

Monsoon, a new Hope.

After so much progress and developments, India still remains as an agricultural dependent country. Farming is still a major job practiced by a major part of the nation. India exports its high quality farm products and spices all over the world. Also, Agriculture is the main reasons for the instant growth of Secondry and Cooperative sector having a share of 13.3 % in GDP of the country. Although from past several years the farmers of the nation is distured by the crop failure and commiting suicides. Today, much farmers are struggling to get twice a meal a day. This situation is not so easy that we can ignore, It's gone a bit complicated after the continuous failure of crops. The topic still remains one of the trending topics on Twitter since May. Due to the low level of education and skills, it leds to unemployment, when the farmers are free like the time gap between growing and harvesting of crops. It is the time when they can earn something for the future. If they just make the…

We are OverDeveloping

1st ChapterOn the 21st day of august, 2001, a person with long and white hairs, roughly it was not combed in the day, the hair of the man was resembling to Alert Einstein, I thought, It was almost midnight, heavy clouds, just at the point to burst with heavy rains. when this man come to my sight, I sensed that he was totally afraid of something, his expressions are like he had witnessed something unusual or unexpected, he directly came in front of me, I made a confuse glance to him, He was very afraid, He wore a light black jacket, with a long black pant as well, with a black hat having a symbol of the US flag at its top, I am even unable to see his face but I can feel that this man is crying badly, I went confused why he is crying? I just stand straight in his way and said any problem?  May I help you in any way? Are you alright, sir?
He didn’t answer, he was just crying, now, I can hear something he was saying in his low voice, “They have come, they are here to destroy and rule us”.…